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The HARA CHAIR classic for everyone

The HARA CHAIR, model NIE, combines dynamic sitting with a futuristic design. The patented seat meets all the requirements placed on an ergonomic office chair. The best seller among healthy office chairs offers optimal seating comfort for eight to twelve hours. Even after half a day you are still sitting comfortably. “Sitting in motion” makes it possible. The divided seat is flexible, adjusts itself automatically and adapts itself optimally to the angle of the pelvis. The back cushions are also movable and adapt to the back depending on the sitting position. The back cushions can be adjusted in height and width for the best possible comfort. The split backrest supports the shoulder girdle and neck and thus prevents tension.

Who is the model NEVER suitable for?

The NIE model is suitable for everyone who sits a lot. Whether in the office or at home in front of your desk, you can sit on this ergonomic computer chair for a very long time. This HARA CHAIR is the ideal gamer chair, as if made for hours of sitting at the PC. And even one-95-meter people can still drop comfortably. The frame is built to be very stable, provided that they weigh no more than 120 kilograms. The ergonomic seat height can be adjusted from 43 to 60 centimeters. Many office chairs can only be adjusted to a maximum of 50 centimeters as standard.

What distinguishes the HARA CHAIR NEVER?

The seat and backrest are divided and enable dynamic sitting. In contrast to office chairs with a rigid seat plate, the movable seat modules from HARA CHAIR avoid any pressure. The spine and tailbone are relieved, the intervertebral discs are spared, blood circulation in the buttocks is promoted and hemorrhoids are prevented. Sleeping legs are a thing of the past with this office chair. Many extras ensure comfort. A coat hanger is integrated in the backrest on which you can hang your jacket, handbag or backpack. The extra long, height-adjustable headrest can also be removed if necessary. The large 50-millimeter castors are standard at HARA CHAIR, so that the office chair can be easily moved even on uneven surfaces.

What versions are there?

The NIE model is covered with a polyester fabric and is available in eight colors (black 01, petrol 02, anthracite gray 03, orange 04, navy 05, bordeaux 06, grass green 08, red 00R). The NWL model is covered with synthetic leather and is available in three colors (beige M-116, black M-117, brown M-120). Both materials, the polyester fabric as well as the synthetic leather, are easy to clean and are particularly breathable due to their honeycomb structure. A special foam is processed in the backrest and seat, the climate lamellas have a heat-regulating effect and dissipate humidity. The user always feels comfortable.

What are the alternatives?

In the case of intervertebral disc problems or a pronounced hollow back, a health chair with a strong (see model ZEN-LS) or light lumbar support (see models ZEN, CAE) is recommended.

How can I avoid static electricity?

You will receive an anti-static chain with your office chair. You hang this chain on the base so that it touches the floor. The antistatic chain is only required for certain floors, shoes and work with sensitive electronic components. It prevents possible electric shocks when sitting down on the office chair.

What does the chair cost?

The price for the HARA CHAIR model NIE is currently 769,00 euros gross, including postage and packaging. The ergonomic office chairs from HARA CHAIR are delivered to your home free of charge throughout Europe. The shipment can be traced at any time using a shipment number.

Does HARA CHAIR give discounts?

For larger orders, HARA CHAIR grants a graduated volume discount:

  • from 2 to 20 office chairs: 10 percent discount
  • From 21 office chairs: 15 percent discount

Can I also shop VAT-free?

If you are domiciled within the European Union and have a European sales tax identification number (VAT ID no. Tax-free intra-community delivery), then we do not automatically charge you 19 percent sales tax during the payment process. Please also see this link: Sales tax identification number

If you have a European sales tax identification number, please write it when ordering under the country selection in the input field: “If available, enter your European sales tax identification number (VAT ID no., Tax-free intra-community delivery)”. Our website will then automatically show you the purchase price net without 19 percent VAT - provided that your VAT ID has been entered correctly. The field for entering the VAT ID no. only opens if you select a country of the European Union when choosing a country.

If you live in a country outside the European Union (e.g. Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein or the USA), you will also be shown the net purchase price without 19 percent VAT after you have selected the country. In this case, it is not necessary to enter a VAT ID number.

Do I get a guarantee?

The statutory warranty is two years. We have spare parts in stock beyond the warranty period. Send us a photo of the defect and we will send you the appropriate accessories.

How do I get an invoice?

With every order from HARA CHAIR, the original invoice is always enclosed in the box and will be sent to you at the same time by email with the tracking number attached. The value added tax is shown separately on the invoice.

What if the office chair doesn't fit?

You can send the office chair back to us for 35 euros within the statutory period of two weeks. HARA CHAIR organizes the return shipment.

Additional information




Polyester fabric (very robust with breathable ventilation openings)

Load capacity (maximum)

to 120 kg


Headrest and seat cushion 01 black, back cushion 04 orange

seat width

50 cm

seat depth

50 cm

seat height

43-60 cm

Height Adjustment

Gas lift (infinitely height adjustable)

Overall height

111-123 cm


Chromed base


5x 50 mm double castors with brakes depending on the load


27 kg


2 years

Recommended for 8 to 12 hours of daily sitting.

All prices include shipping and packaging, where applicable.