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People sit everywhere. From the foyer to the car to the airplane, HARA CHAIR offers innovative solutions. Just like the office chairs from HARA CHAIR, the individually manufactured car and airplane seats also follow the principle of moving sitting.

Technology is advancing inexorably. Life is changing increasingly. Sitting for hours on end has become an indispensable part of the daily routine. As a result, nobody has to suffer from back pain today. Because office chairs, car seats and airplane seats have also evolved.

Similar to the office chairs from HARA CHAIR, car and airplane seats also support moving sitting. In some Asian countries such as Korea, Japan and Thailand, moving sitting is now almost part of everyday life. Even in the waiting rooms of authorities and public institutions, visitors can take a seat on shared seating areas. In the future, even ergonomic aircraft seats and back-friendly car seats could make long journeys more comfortable.

No more economy class syndrome

Frequent sitting, long car journeys or long-haul flights can hardly be avoided in everyday work - but static and crooked sitting can. Sitting immobile strains the spine and lets the core muscles slacken. It constricts the internal organs and blocks blood flow and breathing. Frequent sitting quickly becomes a one-sided burden if you remain immobile in it for too long. Painful tension is the result.

Especially on long-haul flights, the restricted freedom of movement can also promote the development of blood clots. The narrow economy class compartments in the aircraft severely restrict the freedom of movement. Long walks in the corridors are just as impossible on the plane as gymnastics. The consequences are dramatic. If a blood clot that forms in the leg reaches the heart or lungs in the bloodstream, sudden death is likely.

Whether on the plane, in the car or at the doctor's, anyone who has to sit for a long time should therefore make frequent changes of posture. Sitting in motion is the motto. The best car seat or airplane seat is of course useless if you don't move on it. You have to move yourself, but there are chairs that actively force the body to sit in motion.

A rethink is taking place, not just in the office. Two-dimensional movable waiting chairs in the consulting rooms and waiting halls could soon become the standard in this country too. And ergonomic car seats and airplane seats could soon make being on the road and in the air even more relaxed and back-friendly.

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